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:: Palliative and Hospice Care


Pawprints in the SandPalliative care aims to alleviate pain and discomfort to improve quality of life for all patients with any chronic or end-stage illness, regardless of whether they are terminally ill or not. With palliative care, pets may live a quality life for months to years.

Hospice care for animals is closely modeled after human hospice and entails all aspects of supportive care such as home care, pain management, and nutrition support for a terminally ill companion animal. In general, hospice patients are expected to live weeks to months and the care plan and treatments are focused on providing quality of life and easing the transition to end of life.

PawPrints Network is dedicated to supporting your relationship with your companion animal on your individual journey. If your journey with your animal companion includes palliative and ultimately hospice care, your pet’s home care treatment plan should be directed by a qualified, compassionate and caring veterinary care team to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to provide home care, understand pain management and nutrition support, and how to navigate hygiene and mobility issues.

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Moving from Cure to Care: Veterinary Hospice Care Considerations for Your Canine Companion,” as reprinted with permission from the Whole Dog Journal, March 2010.